The Two Sizes of the Mats

The two Sizes of the Mats

The two different sizes of the shapes represent proportions according to the clients perception.

In addition to the colours and shapes the two mat sizes offer even more options, allowing for the mapping of proportions as part of the visual representation of the issue.

The proportional importance of each person and/or issue represented in the spread may be shown by the different sizes, in addition to the shape and colour.
Equally sized mats can be interpreted as having/representing the same ‘value’.
For example, clients sometimes select large mats to represent problems, and use small mats to represent themselves … or they might pick small mats to represent a child or something ‘small’.

This additional option of size selection can also be omitted, with the client asked to choose from one set only i.e. only large or only small mats. If required, the other sized set can then be added later. There are many possibilities, depending on the preferences and instincts/intuition of the therapist.

Two Practical Sizes

The big mats:

the big Circles:
99 mm diameter

the big Squares:
99 x 99 mm

the big Triangles:
Base 99mm; 75mm high; isosceles triangle

The small mats:
– these are half the measurements of the big shapes.

the small Circles:
49.5 mm diameter
the small Squares:
49.5 x 49.5mm 
the small triangles:
Base 49.5mm wide; 37.5mm high; isosceles triangle

Thickness of the mats: approx. 2 mm thick
Material: Non-toxic PVA foam rubber

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