SYS-MATS – Details

– the Systemic Table-Top Tool for Therapy, Coaching and Play.

To map out, analyse and process life situations and dynamics in individual and group settings.


  • Versatile and comprehensive selection of 144 mats in total
  • 12 specially selected colours 
  • three archetypal shapes: circle, square and triangle 
  • two practical sizes in the set
  • two of each mat 

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A Valuable New Tool for Your Practice:

For both therapy and consulting situations SYS-MATS are ideal to make dynamics and interconnections visual in a simple and playful way – perfect for adults and children alike.

The colours of the mats relate to information generated and processed in the right side of our brain, whilst the shapes relate to information from the left side. Together these two aspects create an ideal combination for use in wholistic assessments and processing – utilising both sides of the brain!

The well balanced twelve colours and archetypal shapes three shapes – each in two sizes – make it easy to represent any situation. The mats quickly turn dynamics and correlations into helpful pictorial images, which can then be analysed in detail verbally.

The 2mm PVA foam rubber mats feel ‘warm’ and soft to touch.

The universal shapes, without faces or eyes on them, make it easier for the client to work on abstract or severe trauma-bearing issues.

This universal mat-set can be used for constellations, as well as in combination with a classical system- or family-board. The key difference to the more common use of 3-D representational figures lies in the 2-dimensionality of the mats.

The 2-dimensionality of the mats is an ideal platform to map out and express life themes. The absence of the 3rd-dimension has the advantage of leaving this imaginary space open, waiting to be filled by the client’s unique story.

Practice has shown that SYS-MATS can help people who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally. Offering them the chance to represent the situation, or what’s going on inside, visually first makes it easier for them to then discuss it.