The Three Shapes

Circles: two of each size and of each twelfe colours      Squares: two of each size and of each twelfe colours   Triangles: two of each size and of each twelfe colours

The colours of the mats relate to information generated and processed in the right side of the brain, whilst the shapes relate to information from the left side. This provides an ideal combination for wholistic assessments and processes.

The three shapes of the SYS-MATS – squares, triangles and circles – represent the most archetypal forms and symbols. They interact deeply with the human psyche and are able to readily represent all situations and aspects. These three shapes form the foundations of sacred geometry, and were probably already used by humans more than 25,000 years ago. The circle symbolized the sun/moon, the godly, spiritual world. The square was the earth and the material world. The triangle represented fire, willpower and creativity.

During work in a family constellation these three shapes can be used to represent the male (square), the female (circle) and the childlike/objective aspect (triangle).

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