The 12 Colours

For technical reasons, the colors you see here are only a guide to the real colors of the mats.

The SYS-MATS come in 12 carefully selected colours. These colours enable the client to express a wide variety of qualities and feelings. Each time a client makes a choice (unconscious or conscious) to use a particular colour, it means and represents something to the client, should be noted, and might be discussed with the client to elicit more information.

The meaning of the colours:

There are many systems, and personal and cultural associations used to interpret the meaning of colours. Please follow personal feelings and your own/your client’s association when interpreting the colours, as it may vary a lot with each person and situation.
Here are some suggestions:

Light, spirit, soul, God, Christ, Angels, purity, dream, hope, new vision, isolation.
Sun, talents, treasure, inheritance, intellect, ideas, inner peace, inner happiness, plans, the future, wisdom, detachment.

Joy, play, creativity, child-likeness, socialising, nourishment, food, happiness.

Tenderness, love, forgiveness, safety, sweetness, harmlessness, naivety.

Energy, life-force, anger, rage, activity, sexuality, instincts, desire.

Change, letting go, equilibrium, new consciousness, release, re-rebirth, detachment.

Transformation, respect, dignity, knowledge, worthiness, higher realms.

Relaxation, oneness, openness, welcoming, calmness, peace, healing.

Balance, neutral, regeneration, cleansing, the new, hope, growth, optimism, health.

Earthiness, old values, the past, foundations, working with hands, durability, commitment, ageing, maturity, common sense.

The void, negation, ash, true service, work in offices, boredom, depression, destruction, internal suicide, denial.

Mystery, creativity, attraction, potential, shadow, frustration, blockage, trauma, emptiness, sadness.

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