Needs-Cards – Details

This is what the Needs-Cards look like:

The front side – example:
Needs-Card front – example
On the back:
Needs-Cards back

The different words on the 72 Needs-Cards:

Acceptance, Affection, Appreciation, Authenticity, Autonomy, Balance, Beauty, Belonging, Celebration, Certainty, Challenge, Choice, Clarity, Closeness, Communication, Communion, Community, Companionship, Compassion, Connection, Consideration, Consistency, Contribution, Cooperation, Courage, Creativity, Discovery, Ease, Efficiency, Empathy, Equality, Fairness, Feedback, Freedom, Growth, Harmony, Honesty, Hope, Humour, Inclusion, Independence, Inspiration, Integrity, Intimacy, Joy, Learning, Love, Meaning, Mourning, Mutuality, Nature Experience, Nurturing, Order, Participation, Peace, Play, Presence, Purpose, Respect, Security, Self-Expression, Self-Respect, Sexuality, Space, Spirituality, Spontaneity, Stability, Stimulation, Support, Trust, Understanding, Warmth.

Dimensions of the Needs-Cards: 55 x 12.5 mm – 72 pices.
Packaging: in solid square cardboard box with lid (9 x 9 x 3 cm).

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N.B.: The Needs-Cards Set is also part of the PANGARDEN Game.

The Needs-Cards (here depicted is the German set)